Mark Your Calendar to Support Local Kids!

Thursday, March 5: 6am-6pm

Friday, March 6: 6am-6pm

Saturday, March 7: 10am-2pm

This March, Baystate Children’s Hospital, our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, will celebrate its 14th annual 94.7 WMAS RadiothonSince its inception in 2002, the 94.7 WMAS Radiothon has raised over $2.4 for local patients and families. 

As the only accredited children’s hospital in our region, your support of Baystate Children’s Hospital is critical to the care provided. Each year, over 40,000 local children come through the hospital’s doors – they may be your children, your neighbors’ children, your colleagues’ children – or your students. And, whether diagnosing a child’s cancer, caring for a prematurely-born baby or treating a teenager’s traumatic accident, Baystate Children’s Hospital is committed to being here and being the best


 Please know that grassroots philanthropic support raised through initiatives like the Change Hero program, have allowed our Children’s Hospital to purchase important medical equipment, fund research projects and community outreach programs and implement needed facility updates.

We hope you will tune in March 5-7, for three increidble days as our patients, families and BCH staff share their stories, laughter and tears, while raising awareness of, and critical funds for, Baystate Children’s Hospital. 

A BIG THANKS once again to the whole crew at 94.7 WMAS  for their continued support of this event and Baystate Children's Hospital!  And, thank YOU for YOUR support!! 

Want to show your support NOW? You can make your donation online or call 413-794-1486 for more information!





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