Save the Date! October 22, 2017

Colleges & Universities


Young adults are increasingly becoming more involved in philanthropy and charitable giving!

Once you learn more about the importance of charitable giving it empowers you to make positive changes in your community. The experience of helping others builds a sense of responsibility. Through giving, you can help create a better life for generations to come!

You have the power to make a difference in our communities by getting involved with Rays of Hope!

Check out who's involved!

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What You Can Do:

Create a school team! Teams can be the entire school or break it down into teams such as

  • "Class of 2011" or whenever you're graduating!
  • Sports teams like Football, Rowing or Lacrosse
  • Sorority or Frat teams
  • and more - you get the picture!

Create your own Rays of Hope fundraising web page to help you quickly reach your fundraising goals and easily get the word out about your commitment. Click here to get started!

A big thanks to Jaclyn  Lepsch, above center, for hosting
her Daughters for Breast Cancer Cure Bellamy Middle School Dance!
Jaclyn and her classmates raised $817 for Rays of Hope!


Have a Pink Wig Monday or Dress Pink Day! Check out the College Fundraising Pack for more info on these ideas and  many more. How much would you pay to see your professor wear a pink wig?!



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